How To Use

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  • Perfect Intensity Semi-Permanent Vibrant Color Application

One 'n Only™ Argan Oil Perfect Intensity™ Semi-Permanent Vibrant Color

Step 1

Put on gloves

Step 2

Begin application

by taking a fine strand of hair and placing it in foil. Apply the One 'n Only™ Powder Lightener to pre-lighten the hair.

Step 3


making back-to-back foils, pre-lightening the hair, to create a wide panel of hair. Process lightener up to 30 minutes at room temperature to achieve desired lightness.

Step 4


once the desired lift is achieved and shampoo. Dry hair completely.

Step 5

Apply color

by placing a fine strand of pre-lightened hair in the foil. Apply Perfect Intensity Teal shade or any desired shade of choice to the strand, saturating it with color.

Step 6


to complete all pre-lightened areas.

Step 7

Set timer

for 30 minutes or just 10 minutes when using the pastel shades.

Step 8

Once processing is complete,

strand test to see if desired color result is achieved.

Step 9


once the desired result is achieved. Do not shampoo.

Step 10

Condition hair

using One 'n Only™ Argan Oil Color Oasis or Moisture Repair Conditioner.

finished look
Finished Look.

One 'n Only™ Argan Oil Perfect Intensity Teal